Liberty Run Kennel

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Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs
The largest of the four Swiss Mountain Dog breeds, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog makes an outstanding family companion.  Large, friendly, extremely sweet natured and highly trainable, the Swissy is often a good choice for families with previous dog experience.  This breeds true working farm dog roots make them devoted to owner and family, yet very accepting of strangers with brief introduction.   From our family to yours, Liberty Run has been breeding Swissys for over 15 years.
Mountain Dogs
The Entlebucher is the smallest of the four Swiss Mountain Dog breeds, but is by far the most active, the most discerning, and the most intellegent of the four.  The Entle is a devoted family dog who can default to being extremely suspicious of strangers.  Socialization is a must with this medium sized herding breed.  They are quick to learn and strive to make you laugh but are quite serious when there is a job to be done. Don't mistake the Entlebucher for a small version of the Greater Swiss, other than color, there is little comparison.
Fox Red
Labrador Retrievers
America's #1 favorite breed, the Labrador Retriever has won the heart of most they meet.  Happy, outgoing, jovial and extremely loving, the Labrador can go from athlete to cuddler in an instant.  They are up for a ride on the boat, a swim in the lake and a great game of fetch on a moments notice. With appropriate exercise, the Labrador makes a wonderful housedog.  They truly are the ultimate family pet, accepting most strangers as long lost members of the family.  Fox Red is a fully accepted shade of yellow and are eligible to compete in all AKC performance events, field trials and even the show ring.  All Fox Red Labrador Retrievers are registered as yellow, which is exactly what they are.  We live in Oklahoma, and we prefer our Labradors in RED!