In The Community!
Liberty Run Kennel

Squirt was one of our mothers who moved on to her own family when she retired from our breeding program, where she is well loved and now called "Barley."   This is a story from her new owner. 

I just need to shamelessly brag about my dog for a minute. Both of our swissies are certified therapy dogs and volunteer about one Saturday a month at the local children's science museum. They are "reading dogs" and the idea is that kids will gain confidence reading to a dog rather than an adult. 

Today was Barley's Saturday and our first visitor was a little boy who even brought his own book. He had special needs and was shy towards me. He would not even tell me his name but was very interested in Barley, although a little nervous at first. Once his dad convinced him to pet her, it was like a switch flipped. He quickly warmed up to her and wanted to know all about her. Usually kids get distracted by the dinosaur exhibit and spend about 5 minutes with us, tops. He ended up reading Barley 3 stories and spending half an hour with her. Meanwhile Barley was perfect. She didn't even flinch when he touched her paws, and was just sweet as can be with him. His dad even asked when Barley would be back at the museum again. 

Swissies are such special dogs and it made my heart so full to watch these two interact! 

Molly and Eliza are pictured here as part of the baby shower for the upcoming human addition to their family.    The Where The Wild Things Are themed baby shower got published!
Kenai, loves the snow! Had a great time in the Cascades, thanks for such a great dog.
Look what this Liberty Run pup can do! Juno, owned by the Ruth Henry and family. And what a Cutie she is.